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Dave Keating

Journalist, presenter and moderator

Correspondent for France 24 and Forbes


Night trains across Europe are grinding to a halt

Recently, thousands of migrants have boarded international trains heading to Germany. But there are fewer night trains to jump aboard these days. Europe’s rail operators have scrapped many long-distance cross-border routes after dark. And the migration crisis gives them a justification to stop the remaining few.
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EU may restrict American tourists

The EU may be heading for a diplomatic showdown with the United States and Canada. European lawmakers are debating a proposal that would require north Americans to apply for visas before visiting Europe. The move would be in retaliation for visa requirements on the other side of the Atlantic for some EU citizens.
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EU Leaders sucked into Trump reality show as they await trade war tweet

The 28 heads of EU national governments meeting in Brussels last night were forced to delay a planned discussion over possible retaliation against US tariffs on steel and aluminium as word reached the summit that President Trump was considering exempting Europe.

Visiting Germany's 'national embarrasment'

Berlin has been the German capital for over two decades but it still lacks an airport capable of accomodating long-haul flights. A new airport called Berlin Brandenburg was originally supposed to open in 2010 but is years behind schedule. It has become a kind of national embarrassment for Germans.
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Can tourism save the reef?

Australia's Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef ecosystem in the world. Like coral reefs across the world, this UNESCO world heritage site is in critical danger because of climate change. But tour operators there say much of the reef still thrives, and their boats can even help protect it.
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Political pissing contest

The European Parliament has urged the EU to limit the use of glyphosate. The weed killer is controversial because of increasing concerns about its possible links to cancer. To highlight the issue, MEPs opposed to the herbicide took urine samples to show how much glyphosate we have in our bodies.
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Nutrition labelling for alcohol?

The National Consumers League is calling for the same nutrition labelling information on food to be applied to alcoholic drinks as well.
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The search for extraterrestrial life in Berlin

Russian billionaire Yuri Milner and physicist Stephen Hawking have unveiled a 100 million dollar project to search for signs of aliens. The call is likely to be taken up by UFO enthusiasts, who believe aliens may have already visited us here on earth, leaving signs such as crop circles in fields.
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Senator Lieberman targets video games

Connecticut senator Joseph Lieberman says violence in video games is fueling violence in the streets. He wants new labels warning of graphic content.
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Shining a light on EU lobbying

Brussels, the capital of the European Union, has seen an explosion in lobbying and now has the most lobbyists in the world after Washington DC. They’re all trying to influence EU legislation before it becomes law. The new European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, is trying to shed some light on all this lobbying by forcing lawmakers to disclose all meetings.
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President Bush courts condom controversy

Protests took place in Washington today against the Bush administration's policies on HIV and AIDS. They say abstinence-only education is discouraging condom use.
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Senator Clinton expects high heating bills

New York Senator Hillary Clinton gave a press conference this morning warning that New Yorkers are going to face high heating bills this winter unless action is taken quickly.
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Dave Keating

Dave Keating, the former editor of, is an American journalist based in Brussels.

Having previously covered US politics in Washington, Dave specialises in drawing comparisons between the American federal system and the European Union. He is now Brussels correspondent for France 24 and Forbes.

He is well-known in Brussels not only for his reporting, but also his conference moderation.

Dave has covered the courtrooms of Chicago, the halls of the US congress, the streets of New York City and the board rooms of the City of London. As a broadcast journalist, Dave has worked as a line producer for a weekly newscast, a show producer for newsmagazine specials and a segment producer for live news panels and interviews.

Outside of journalism, Dave has worked as a documentary filmmaking instructor and directed a weekly talk show in New York. Dave holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from New York University in Film/Television and History. He also holds a Masters of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.