Dave Keating



Dave Keating

Journalist, presenter and moderator

Correspondent for France 24 and Forbes


Interview with Michel Barnier

Michel Barnier sits down with Dave Keating to talk about the latest developments in Brexit negotiations, and the prospect of the UK joining the European Economic Area with Norway.
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Italy's new government is making Brussels uneasy

Live report from Brussels as EU leaders react to Italy's new coalition agreement.
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There Are Two Rival U.S. Delegations At The Bonn Climate Summit

The tiny city of Bonn, Germany, was bracing itself Monday for the 23,000 delegates expected for the U.N. climate summit on the banks of the River Rhine. Torturous negotiations will take place to hammer out the rules of the Paris climate agreement signed two years ago. When they’re not arguing over targets, the delegates will be strolling through the massive hall next door, where various countries are showcasing their efforts to fight climate change.
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The last Liberal Democrat

It’s a Wednesday afternoon at the European Parliament in Brussels, and a group of students visiting from the University of Winchester is listening to a mild-mannered 66-year-old MEP named Catherine Bearder. “I’m the last Liberal Democrat left in the European Parliament,” she tells the students with a touch of melancholy.
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Eurocrats on film

Is life in the Brussels bubble sufficiently entertaining and glamorous to support a film drama?
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Trump opens NATO summit by launching verbal attack on Germany

The US President asked the NATO Secretary General at a televised breakfast: “We’re supposed to protect you from Russia, but Germany is making pipeline deals with Russia. You tell me if that’s appropriate. Explain that”.
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Deposed Catalan chief vows to set up government in exile

Catalonia’s renegade president vowed today to set up a government in exile and work for independence after fleeing from Spain. In an extraordinary dash across Europe designed to steal back the political initiative, Carles Puigdemont travelled amid tight secrecy to Belgium to claim that he was still the president of Catalonia.
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Obama-Merkel press conference: live coverage

Dave Keating and Laila Harrack discuss the implications of Barack Obama's visit to Berlin following Donald Trump's shock victory on Deutsche Welle TV, 17 November 2016.
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World Cup 2018: Live from Brussels for the semi-final

Belgium battles France in its first semi-final since 1986.
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After attacks, unfazed Germans keep calm and carry on

For several years, Germans have looked on as terrorist attacks hit their neighbours. There was a feeling that it was only a matter of time before such incidents crossed the border. Even still, many wanted to believe that the circumstances in countries like France, Belgium and Britain were fundamentally different from the situation in Germany.
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Sing When You’re Winning

Ukraine has fallen into a clever trap by banning Moscow’s Eurovision contestant from competing in the song contest in May. Eurovision, the annual contest in which European nations compete against one another to produce the best song, has been no stranger to political controversies over its 60 years.
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Night trains across Europe are grinding to a halt

Recently, thousands of migrants have boarded international trains heading to Germany. But there are fewer night trains to jump aboard these days. Europe’s rail operators have scrapped many long-distance cross-border routes after dark. And the migration crisis gives them a justification to stop the remaining few.
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Dave Keating

Dave Keating, the former editor of, is an American journalist based in Brussels.

Having previously covered US politics in Washington, Dave specialises in drawing comparisons between the American federal system and the European Union. He is now Brussels correspondent for France 24 and Forbes.

He is well-known in Brussels not only for his reporting, but also his conference moderation.

Dave has covered the courtrooms of Chicago, the halls of the US congress, the streets of New York City and the board rooms of the City of London. As a broadcast journalist, Dave has worked as a line producer for a weekly newscast, a show producer for newsmagazine specials and a segment producer for live news panels and interviews.

Outside of journalism, Dave has worked as a documentary filmmaking instructor and directed a weekly talk show in New York. Dave holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from New York University in Film/Television and History. He also holds a Masters of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.