Dave Keating



Dave Keating

Journalist, presenter and moderator

Correspondent for France 24 and Forbes


Interview with Michel Barnier

Michel Barnier sits down with Dave Keating to talk about the latest developments in Brexit negotiations, and the prospect of the UK joining the European Economic Area with Norway.
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Italy's new government is making Brussels uneasy

Live report from Brussels as EU leaders react to Italy's new coalition agreement.
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Trump opens NATO summit by launching verbal attack on Germany

The US President asked the NATO Secretary General at a televised breakfast: “We’re supposed to protect you from Russia, but Germany is making pipeline deals with Russia. You tell me if that’s appropriate. Explain that”.
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Obama-Merkel press conference: live coverage

Dave Keating and Laila Harrack discuss the implications of Barack Obama's visit to Berlin following Donald Trump's shock victory on Deutsche Welle TV, 17 November 2016.
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World Cup 2018: Live from Brussels for the semi-final

Belgium battles France in its first semi-final since 1986.
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Bulc to revive EU passenger rights law

In this exclusive video interview with viEUws, EU Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc talks to leading journalist Dave Keating about the most pressing transport related issues on the Commission’s agenda: The management of the cockpit and the pilot’s medical record following the GermanWings crash. The definition of EU rules relating to the use and development of drones to ensure safety, privacy and security of civilian users while promoting this new technology.
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A bad week for Francois Hollande

The French President wanted this week to be about his new push for reform, but found himself on the defensive over revelations about an illicit affair.
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EU migrant deal will not prevent more deaths at sea in the short term

An agreement to create new EU-funded-and-managed centres on European territory is unlikely to prevent more deaths at sea in the short term, Dave Keating reports.
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Live from Brussels: Abdeslam convicted

Salah Abdeslam was convicted today in a Belgian court for a firefight with Brussels police in March 2016. Abdeslam had spent months on the run before he was discovered hiding out in an apartment in Southern Brussels in March 2015, and as a firefight ensued he and an accomplice managed to escape. Days later he was apprehended in Molenbeek, a development which authorities say led to the planned Brussels attacks being carried out days later, earlier than planned.
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Live coverage of EU election night 2014

James Franey, Dave Keating and Craig Willey analyse election results as they come in from across Europe in the 2014 European Parliament elections.
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Live coverage of US Election Night 2016

Live coverage of the US election results as they came in, with analysis from Dave Keating, Ellen Schulz and Irwin Collier.
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"Senators Protest Cuts to Agriculture Budget"

North Dakota's senators have vowed to fight proposals to cut the US agriculture budget. They say the cuts would hurt the state's farmers.
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Dave Keating

Dave Keating, the former editor of, is an American journalist based in Brussels.

Having previously covered US politics in Washington, Dave specialises in drawing comparisons between the American federal system and the European Union. He is now Brussels correspondent for France 24 and Forbes.

He is well-known in Brussels not only for his reporting, but also his conference moderation.

Dave has covered the courtrooms of Chicago, the halls of the US congress, the streets of New York City and the board rooms of the City of London. As a broadcast journalist, Dave has worked as a line producer for a weekly newscast, a show producer for newsmagazine specials and a segment producer for live news panels and interviews.

Outside of journalism, Dave has worked as a documentary filmmaking instructor and directed a weekly talk show in New York. Dave holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from New York University in Film/Television and History. He also holds a Masters of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.